A Note on the Dividend Payments of South Korean Firms

Korean companies were not known for their dividend payouts until recently. Korea had one of the lowest dividend yields when compared to other developed countries as shown in the chart below. Though the country is a developed country technically it is considered as an emerging market by MSCI. Click to enlarge Source: When Looking For Emerging …

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Should You Invest In Korean Stocks Now?

In an earlier article on South Korea stocks I have suggested that investors avoid them. This month the South Korean government announced tax policies that may force companies to spend their cash piles. Some companies may decide to pay increase their dividend payouts as a result of this policy change. In addition the government announced a stimulus …

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When Looking For Emerging Market Dividend Stocks Avoid Korea

Some emerging markets offer decent dividend yields and the potential for higher dividend growth compared to developed markets. However when looking to invest in emerging market companies for income it is important to be highly selective. Not all emerging markets are worth investing in for dividends. One such market that investors must avoid is South …

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The Top Trade Partners of South Korea

The largest trade partners of South Korea in 2009 are shown in the graphic below. Interesting to note that China is the largest trade partner of S.Korea. Source: The Wall Street Journal Update: South Korea’s Trade with Main Partners (2011): Click to enlarge Source: trade.ec.europa.eu Related ETF: iShares MSCI South Korea ETF (EWY)

South Korean ADRs List !!!

Introduction: South Korea has one of the top emerging market economies in this world.In fact South Korea used to be called an “Asian Tiger” in the past when the country attained exponential growth rates from 1960 to 1990s. Other Asian Tigers included Singapore,Taiwan and HongKong (now part of China).The country has a strong democratic government …

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